Pixelswitch Tail

Pixelswitch Tail - Want to control a standard wall outlet device with your Pixelwarp software, but don't want to mess with the high voltage wiring? This might just be the right device for you!

Pixelwix Schedule

Pixelwix Schedule allows multiple internal and external events to happen at any calendar time point down to 0.5 seconds.

Pixelwix PixelNet

Pixelwix PixelNet allows video files and real-time screen captures to be transferred to a PC running Pixelwix Studio or Pixelwarp via a single cat5 cable or wireless networks connected between the computers.

Pixelswitch USB Box

Pixelswitch USB box adds external ac/dc power via power tails and dc 5v digital control to Pixelwarp software. Add the ability to switch lights, motors or anything 5v digital to your pixelwarp installation in a sturdy alloy wall mount box.

Custom Curved Projector Bar mount

Curved Projector Bar for attachment to ceiling. Ideal for the DIY enthusiast to add to your own curved screen. Made of high quality black anodized aluminum extrusion. Includes universal projector mounts.