Pixelwix Video Player software

Pixelwix range of Meda players and media swichers / network sync-able video players.

Pixelwix PixelNet

Pixelwix PixelNet allows video files and real-time screen captures to be transferred to a PC running Pixelwix Studio or Pixelwarp via a single cat5 cable or wireless networks connected between the computers.

Nsync Network Synced Media Player

Pixelwix NSync is a software tool for Large format Movie files with the ability to play portions of a very large movies across multiple PC units or for left eye right eye playback on separate servers.

Pixelwix Studio Software

Pixelwix Studio is a software solution for live video switching or content media presentation.Pixelwix Studio provides the tools you expect to find in a live TV truck ,from multi-camera switchingand audio mixing with title overlays, HD Movie playback, and even a network-input and screen grab.