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Pixelwix Software

Pixelwix specialize in software solutions for Geometric Correction (warping for curved screens), Edge-blending and video switching / presentation solultions.


  • Warp and Blend Software

    Pixelwarp Warp and blend software allows multiple projectors to be blended and displayed as one large mega pixel screen.The easy warp correction tool removes the distortions from projecting on a curved surface.

  • Keystone Warp Software

    Pixelwarp Keystone fixes problems of awkward projector placement ,works with desktop and full screen applications.  

  • Pixelwix Video Player software

    Pixelwix range of Meda players and media swichers / network sync-able video players.

  • Design Tools

    Design tools for Projection / simulation projects.

  • IR detection

    Detection software or any application that requires fast feedback of laser IR to mouse location on a projected flat or curved screen

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Products by page

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