Top sellers

Pixelwix Microblend

MicroBlend Features full warp (image) correction and edge blend capabilities for up to 4 projection displays in a small form factor industrial case.

Projection Calculator

Pixelwix Pixelwarp projection calculator software is an essential and must have tool for designing single or multi-projector displays on all screen and room shapes and gives immediate 3D visual feedback of the projection environment. New version 2.0.5


Pixelwarp Keystone Advanced Correction...

Pixelwarp Keystone the next evolution in projector placement software for PC Desktop and full screen GPU applications.

360 degree projection screens

Pixelwix 360 degree screens are an innovation in video projection screen design that displays 360 degrees of video , simulation or game content on a continuous 360 degree display screen.  

12ft SimPod

An essential for immersive game play / simulation user.This 12 feet in diameter and 8 feet tall SimPod delivers a 5 foot view height with 220 degrees of view.

180 Degree curved projection screens

Pixelwix offers 180 degree custom projection screens.These screens integrate well into flight simulation , immersion game , 180 degree car racing games .

7ft SimPod

An essential for immersive game play / simulation user.This 7 feet in diameter and 7 feet tall SimPod delivers a 4 foot view height with 180 degrees of view.

Custom flat projection screens

Pixelwix offers custom wide format fixed frame screens that are tensioned screens on extrusion alloy designed for use in permanent locations.These screens integrate well into boardrooms, home theaters and other frequent meeting spaces.