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Economy Custom Curved Projection screen

Economy 7ft 180° Curved Projection Screen featuring silver alluminum extrusion frame and Pixelflex semi-solid screen material. 

Pixelwix Target Training Software

Practice speed and accuracy using this target training software. Feel as though you are at the firing range with this realistic training application. The sound of your gunshot will make you think you are shooting live rounds. Practice seated or moving target practice.

Custom Modified Hi Speed IR Camera

This Custom modified camera is capable of capturing fast moving objects with it's 120 FPS capture speed and global shutter

Glock Style Adaptive Training Pistol

This Glock style adaptive training pistol  is a unique firearm in the Airsoft market. This polymer framed, striker fired style pistol follows similar ergonomics as well as the feel of other familiar popular handguns.

M4 Style Training Rifle

The M4 Style training rifle provides the most reliable and adaptable gas system encased in an immaculate M4 platform. Made in the USA.

Pixelwix IR

Pixelwix IR is a software application for dry-fire infrared laser firearms simulation, hit detection or any application that requires fast feedback of laser IR to mouse location on a projected flat or curved screen.

Elastic Polymer Projection Screen Material

Pixelwix offers a range of projection screen materials, each with special technical properties. All screens are designed for excellent color rendering and good contrast with a wide range viewing cones.   All screens are durable, washable and inherently flame retardant.

16ft SimPod

An essential for immersive game play / simulation user.This 16 feet in diameter and 8 feet tall SimPod delivers a 5 foot view height with 270 degrees of view.

Curved projection Screen LP Frame 180 /...

Pixelwix manufactures a wide range of custom extrution curved projection screens 

PixelFlex Semi-Solid Surface Projection...

PlxelFlex is a tough, smooth, semi-rigid screen material ideal for curved or flat projection screen applications.