Auburn University Department of Aerospace Engineering develop the VSDDL Reconfigurable Flight Simulator using Pixelwix Products.

Auburn engineers used two Pixelwix software products to design the VSDDL.

For the design and projector layout Pixelwix Projection Calculator was chosen
This allows for full real time simulation of the projection environment even with the flight simulation software running through the virtual layout.

For warp and blend Pixelwix Pixelwarp Evo Ultimate was used.
This gave the engineers the ability to use multi frustum views and to make sure the image render PC had the correct views to pass to the 5 projectors for the 270 degree image.

Full story here.

Flight simulation screen

Dreamchasers-interactive create giant IA room using Pixelwix products.

The development team used 11 pc /servers with multiple projectors on each unit and with Pixlwarp Advanced warp and blend software to Projector map this large room install.

As Pixelwarp can warp and blend all real-time game engines the team at Dreamchasers-interactive we able to sync the AI between the multiple game engines running on all of the separate pc/servers.

Pixelwix 360 degree art hotel install featured on Fox News.
Watch video here

Pixelwix 360 degree art hotel install

Pixelwix 360 degree art hotel install.


Pixelwix fabricates and installs a 360 Chameleon Lamp display in an historic hotel building for the Angad arts hotel in Downtown St Louis

This beautiful display features the new Pixelwarp 9 core Red series advanced warp and blend server with integrated Nsync content player

More about the hotel


360 degree hotel display

Big year for Pixelwix at this years PGA expo.

Multiple companies using Pixelwix products including.
Curved Projection Screens and frames.
Warp and bland Software.
Firearms training solution's.

Video here

Pixelwix 360 screen install in Davenport Casino

Pixelwix installs large 360-degree projection TV in The brand new $110 million Rhythm City Casino Complex in Davenport.
This large screen features the new Pixelwix Multiview 4 + 360 server complete with Pixelwarp warp and blend software.
With its large Dual view 360 screen and multiple Live TV inputs everyone has a perfect view of the sports action.

360 degree projection screen tv

Pixelwix Simpods.

Orders for Pixelwix Simpods reached record numbers.
Company’s including FAA , Ausimtech , PMDG , HRL , Zee Aero chose SimPods over the compertition because of the qualityof the build and image view featured in the SimPod design. 

Simpod curved simulation/game SimPods.

Pixelwix product at I/ITSEC 

Pixelwix had a strong presence at this years I/ITSEC Simulation show in Orlando.
Multiple curved projection displays used our popular pixelwarp warp and blend software and many booth displays were designed with our projection calculator.
Many clients were using pixelwix screens.One Company Adercel featured the newly developed Pixelwix 7 foot simpod display.

7 foot Simulation Pod  

Pixelwix picked again for the display solution for T.J .Wilcox's amazing visual art display "In the Air" at the prestigious
Musée d'art contemporain de Lyon 
At 109 feet circumference this is one of the largest 360 degree projection displays in Europe and features a 15360 pixel wide movie of the New York skyline from dusk till dawn in 30 minutes.
The huge video played back on a single Pixelwix Red series warp and blend server using the Pixelwix Nsync player.
The entire system can be switched on by a single keyfob remote.  

Pixelwix 360 degree projection screen installed in Lyon

Maher Solutions installes 3 Pixelwix Simulation Products at World of Speed Museum, Wilsonville, Oregon .

Pixelwix curved projection simulation screens.

Maher Solutions, LLC is dedicated to creating world class virtual racing experiences for individuals, teams, museums and corporations
and used three Pixelwarp warp Simulation servers featuring Pixelwarp Evo and two 180 Rear Geo screens
and a 12 foot 220 degree SimPod screens to make this sensational driving experience second to none in terms of reality .

More info and videos at

Pixelwix is proud to be picked for the display solution by T.J .Wilcox for his amazing visual art display "In the Air" at the prestigious
Musée d'Art et d'Histoire in Geneva 

At 80 feet circumference this is one of the largest 360 displays in Europe and features a 15360 pixel wide movie of the New York skyline from dusk till dawn in 30 minutes.
The huge video played back on a single Pixelwix Red series warp and blend server using the Pixelwix Nsync player.
The entire system can be switched on by a single keyfob remote. 

Pixelwix 360 degree screen installed in geneva

New Pixelwix 180 and 220 degree SimPods.

 SimPod 180 degree simulation/game screens
An essential for immersive game play / simulation user.
This 7 feet in diameter and 7 feet tall SimPod delivers a 4 foot view height with 180 degrees of view.
Let the games begin.

More Information Here
Video Here

Visteon Uses Pixelwix products for autonomous driving simulator displayed at CES .

Pixelwix warp and blend solutions.

Automotive supplier Visteon selected Pixelwix to supply Curved display products for the new autonomous car technology.
The firm has been carrying out detailed research into peoples’ attitudes towards self-driving cars and developed a simulator to
test their reactions first hand.

Pixelwix Products used in Automation Fair.

Pixelwix 360 degree curved expo screens.

RGI International installed a Pixelwix 24' diameter 360 display and a Pixelwix Red 8 360 server for Rockwell automation fair.
The Red 8 360 server provided 8 warped and blended projector outputs to play back a massive 15360 x 1080 video.

Video from show floor here
More info at

Amazing Interactives Use Pixelwix Products.

UK 3D experts Amazing Interactives Use Pixelwix Products to create this amazing 95' wide by 10' tall Media wall using Pixelwarp Evo's new Native Nvidia mode.
The server equipped with two Nvidia Quadro cards and a sync board uses 8 Hd projectors for a seamless tear free display.

More info at

Pixewix.Inc releases new enclosed Pod curved Projection screens from 170 to 220 degrees and upgrades software products.

220 degree Curved projection screen.

The G-Pod curved simulation and game screen projection screens have been advanced to be enclosed to make sure the user is not distracted
from anything outside the view area.
The free standing units are available in multiple radius sizes from 170 /180/220 degrees.
170 degree Video Here, 180 degree and up Here

AutoBlend has been upgraded to use a non camera projector mapping with mouse approach.
This new mode allows the user to calibrate to near camera quality without the hassle or removing a simulation cockpit.
Video Here 

Pixelwarp Evo New Nvidia (NVAPI) native warp and blend mode allows up to 16 display outputs from one system.
This mode connects directly to the GPU cards pixel engine with Mosaic for 0 added delay and active 3D support.

24 channel large Projection tunnel Using Pixelwix Products.

24 channel tunnel projection.

Pixelwix UK Dealer White Space Productions Ltd has installed an amazing large Projection tunnel Using Pixelwix Products at" le parc du petit prince" in France.
The exhibit features a 10m long rear projection tunnel with 4 media server and 24 projectors.
Featuring Pixelwarp Evo Warp and Blend software to correct the screen image and using Pixelwix Nsync Media Player to synchronize and automate movie playback across the servers.

The Metamorphosis exhibit can be seen daily here

More info from White Space

Video Here 

VRX Z180 featuring Pixelwix products now showing at Harrods department store in London UK.

 Pixelwix products featured at Harrods Dept Store

VRX of Canada use Pixelwix products to build new product.

The new VRX Z180 uses Pixelwarp Software and Screen products to create this amazing polished stainless steel 180 degree racing simulator

Video Here

Pixelwix Curved screens and software used by VRX Racing sim 

Pixelwix Supplies New 220 Degree Full sized enclosed curved projection screens.

New Zealand simulation company Simroom makes full use or the new Pixelwix 220's in the company's new Display Deck curved screen.
Featuring PC storage room, hardwood floors and even a space for a refrigerator.

Video Here

220 Degree Full sized enclosed curved projection screens

Pixelwix launches new Projection Calculator.
Projection Calculator is an essential and must have tool for designing single or multi-projector displays on all screen and room shapes.
Gives immediate 3D visual feedback of the projection environment.
More here. 

Pixelwarp projection calculator  

Pixelwix Displays are a big hit at this years I/ITSEC

Featuring Pixelwarps new Multiview plug-in that gives X-plane multiple corrected simulation views on one PC and Pixelwix Microblend 
3 screen warp and blend box solution.
The biggest surprise to attendee's was the Quality and cost effective nature of our screens and warp and blend solutions over other methods.

A big thanks goes out to Optoma for the projectors and personnel support for this event and to the companies that chose us to be their simulation geometric correction software and display solution providers.

Seen here is a Pixelwix custom 180 degree front projection screen using 3 Optoma LED projectors on a flight simulation deck.
Also provided was Pixelwarps custom Server with Pixelwarp Evo warp and blend software and Multiview Plug-in.

Flight simulator 180 degree projection screen.

Also at I/ITSEC was MicroBlend a small industrial warp and blend processor that can handle 3 projectors on a
Pixelwix custom ultra wide 
front projection display.
MicroBlend allows 3 projectors to be seamlessly merged as one large continuous windows desktop projection display.

Ultra wide projection display video screen

Pixelwix 360 Screens Becomes High Art.

Pixelwix is proud to be picked for the display solution by T.J .Wilcox for his amazing visual art display "In the Air" at the prestigious Whitney art Museum in Manhattan New York.

At 110 feet circumference this is one of the largest 360 displays in USA and features a 12800 pixel wide movie of the New York skyline from dusk till dawn in 30 minutes.
The huge video was synced over two Pixelwarp warp and blend servers using the newly developed Nsync player

Products used:
Pixelwarp Evo 360 warp and blend software.
Two Pixelwarp servers.
Pixelwix Nsync large format media player.
Pixelwix 360 projection screen.
Pixelwix Design and Installation services

New York Times Review Here 

Video Here

 Pixelwix 360 degree projection screen

Pixelwix Release New Game Pods.
Now even small spaces can get into the 180 degree screen action, extruded frames allow versatile projector mounting for up to 3 projectors.
Adjustable view height and easy shipping will make this a popular item.
Watch video Here 

Game Pod 180 game screen

Pixelwix Release New MicroBlend Processor.

Hot on the heals of the already popular Multiview servers. The Microblend Processor has features to allow any combination of 3 Projection display outputs to be edge blended and displayed on flat or curved displays.
Watch Video Here 

Pixelwix Release New MicroBlend


Pixelwix Release New Multiview Servers.

These amazing servers feature 8 layer HD/SDI input feeds with full warp and blend capabilities.
Also featuring 6 display port outputs and the ability to place the input layer anywhere/any size within the warp and blend. 
Watch video Here

Multiview Servers 


Pixelwix installs Geo screen and Evotek F1 at billionaire Chris Cline's Beach house.

What does a billionaire need in his 36,000 sq foot beach house? Well it turns out a Pixelwix Geo curved screen with an Evotek F1 Racing Sym. 

Geo Screen 


Boeing Installs a Pixewix curved screen for their new product development center.

At a monster 11520 x 1200 pixel resolution and almost 50 feet long this curved screen will help Boeing dream up the next generation of flight.

Also installed was the next generation of Pixelwix warp and blend servers with the new Multiview8 software that allows 8 HD/SDI signals to be passed through the warp and blend software so laptop collaboration can be achieved.  

Pixelwix curved screen at boeing 


Harrah's install Pixelwix Products for new Phoenix casino. 
Pixelwix is proud to supply Harrah's 360 system with two Pixelwarp servers running Pixelwarp software and Pixelwix Studio video switcher scaler to this amazing new entertainment complex.
With it's large 28' diameter the 360 projection screen is the center piece of the entrance foyer.
Video Here.

360 degree curved screen 


Andretti Racing Chose Pixelwix/Evotek.
Andretti Racing Chose Pixelwix screen products and Evotek F1 Racing car simulator.This new addition to the Roswell location will add a huge draw for this already popular attraction.
Video Here

Andretti Racing screen 


Pixelwix Geo screens make and impression at 2012 IAAPA show.

Pixelwix shows off its new rear projection Geo screens at the biggest Amusement park show in USA IAAPA.
With the amazing driving F1 simulator from Evotek it created quite an impression.
Video Here
Geo Curved Screen


New Pixelwix Geo Rear Projection Screens
Pixelwix is proud to announce the newest rear enclosed projection curved screens.
Built using our new extrusion profile frames this screen was developed with easy shipping and small foot-print in mind.
Video Here 

Rear Projection curved screen


CAE a world leader in providing simulation and modelling technologies and training solutions for the civil aviation industry and defence use pixelwix technology for new mining simulator.

Video (20mb mp4).

Read more about CAE mining here

CAE Mining


Las Vegas Flight Simulator install selects Pixelwix products.

This flight install includes Pixelwix Lp curved alloy frame and ultra-wide edge blend polymer screen material and Pixelwarp Evo software to achieve a 180 Degree 50 foot wide seamless display.

Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator 


AutoBlend Add-on for Pixelwarp
Pixelwix Pixelwarp Products are now compatible with AutoBlend.
This gives select Pixelwarp warp and blend software products automatic camera calibration for curved or flat multiple projection rigs creating a seamless blend with geometric correction in less than 3 minutes.
More from


 AB Ndesign Sweden Selects Pixewarp for Italy's Evotek Racing 160" curved sim screen.

Evotek racing 160 inch screen

Benny Norman from norman designs supplies another large curved screen design for Italy's Evotek racing simulators.
Pixelwarp is used to correct for the curve and blend the projectors.
Multiple  projectors are used on a curved 160" rear projection surface for this extreme racing viewpoint. 
More from Benny Normans YouTube Channel  or


Euro RSCG NY Emerging Technologies Lab Reviews and Picks Pixelwarp for its
New MadSci Labs 30 foot projection wall. 


VDC Display Systems Selects Pixelwarp for new SIM curved screen.

Pixelwarp software curved screen 


Pixelwix Pixewarp Powers New About Golfs Simsuround Golf Simulator.
John Anderson senior project manager (pictured setting up at PGA expo in Orlando)
Selected Pixelwarp for about golfs new golf simulator "Simsurround".
3 HD projectors were mapped and blended for this 30 foot curved screen.
More from their website. About

About golf golf simulator


Vdc Display Systems Selects Pixelwarp

VDC Display Systems Selects Pixelwarp for there new wide screen simulation training display.
Pixelwarp provides the geometric correction and edge blending for 5 led projectors on a curved display.
More information from the VDC website


Northorp Grumman V.I.P.E

Northorp Grumman 

Northorp Grumman Selects Pixewarp for its advanced keystoning capabilities for there new virtual immersive mobile enviroment display systems.


Monteray Aquarium Selects Pixelwarp for New Drifters Exhibition.

Monteray Aquarium
Image designer Ian Williamson of Whatever Digital Used Pixelwarp Standard for it's multi server and schedule automation capabilities.
The video is split over two Pixelwarp synced servers with four edge-blended projectors on each server, then the images and Movies are real time warped to the shape of the curved wall. 


Ndesign Sweden Use Pixelwarp DT for new widescreen racing console.

Pixelwarp DT

Multiple Led projectors are used on a curved surface for this extreme racing simulator.
More from Benny Normans YouTube Channel 

The Aldo Leopold Nature Center select Pixelwarp Standard and Pixelwarp Dt for the NEW 360 Addition.

Science on a sphere

Designed to teach children, their families and teachers about climate science, renewable energy and sustainability
Storms 360 Fly-Through Immersive Theater: is a high-definition immersion experience that takes visitors through simulated weather and climate systems and explains how their changes impact the world.

Project Manager Carlos Tucker Used Pixelwarp to Power the 5 projector 360 Display and made Use of Pixelwarps external Sequence by Movie frame feature to control fans and strobes in time with the media events.
More Info on Aldo Leopold Centers Website