Nsync Pro Network Synced Media Player

Nsync Pro combines Pixelwix.Inc warp and blend engine for large scale presentation media playerNsync Pro combines Pixelwix.Inc warp and blend engine for large scale presentation media player.

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Nsync Pro combines Pixelwix.Inc warp and blend engine for large scale presentation media player. With a simple user interface and using the system mouse and keyboard the projected output image can be mapped on any kind of projection screen. Overlaps and soft edge blending between projected images can be adjusted using the fine-grained controls and gamma functions.  A color correction per projector can be applied to match the color profiles among different projectors.

16 projectors

Nsync Pro ultimate gives the added supports of camera calibration files. A camera can be used to automatically calculate the geometrical correction and soft-edge blending. Using a standard HD webcam, users can create perfect and seamless multi projector setups.

Nsync pro network media player

Nsync Pro supports up to 16 projectors per PC, which can be configured in different horizontal and vertical stacking.

Nsync pro 16 projectors

Nsync Pro has the ability to scale and sync media over many pc’s for extremely large media playback.

Nsync pro network player

Main Features.

Built-in support for 400+ media types and codecs.

GPU coedec 

Hardware decoding support (DX9, DX11, CUDA, NVDec)

Special Pause and Goto play items for any show control

Timeline and show-control actions (DMX, PJLink, UDP, Serial Port, ....

Multiple playlists

Synchronized Master/Slave Multi-PC playback

HTTP and TCP/CMD remote control interface

Responsive HTML/Web interface for playback control.

Simple user interface for mapping the projected output to kind of projection screen

Fine-grained control for overlaps, soft-edge blending and gamma

Color correction and color profile per projector

Up to 16 projectors per PC, in different horizontal and vertical alignment

Auto-alignment using AutoBlend (ultamate licence only ).

And many more...


The following is the required minimal configuration:


  • PC with 2.0 Ghz or higher processor (32bit or 64 bit)
  • 2 Gb or more RAM
  • A moderate graphics card (NVIDIA or AMD/ATI)
  • For creating a wide multi projector display in windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 desktops, the following products are required:
    • NVIDIA surround 2D support for NVIDIA graphical cards
    • ATI Eyefinity support for ATI graphical card
    • Or Matrox DialHead2GO or TrippleHead2GO external hardware box
    • Or Nvidia Quadro graphics card with mosaic mode
  • A common HD webcam (Ex: Logitech Webcam PRO 9000, Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, etc.)





Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a commercial and non-commercial licence?
A non-commercial or home licence is for individual use only. It can only be purchased if you are not receiving monetary gain from the use of the software.
A Commercial licence is for customers who are receiving income from the use of the software

How do I get a Demo of this software?
Just send us an email to sales@pixelwix.com and we will send you a link.

I have chosen “lock to my hardware” for my delivery method – what happens next?
Once our sales team have reviewed your order, you will be emailed a download link to download your software. You will then need to provide us with your hardware id from the pixelwarp software panel.
The hardware id is located in the licence tab. Please email this to us at sales@pixelwix.com along with  your order number. We will then send you a release code to lock your software to your pc. Please note: it cannot be moved to another pc.

What happens if my PC fails and I need to change a component?
When you change a part, the software will generate another hardware id. This tells us which part is changed and that it is still essentially the same computer. We will then issue another code for that PC. If all the parts are changed, we cannot issue another code. If you think you are likely to have these kinds of problems, or want to use on more than one computer, purchase the USB Key version.

My USB key has failed, what can I do?
In the unlikely event that your key has failed, you can return it for a full replacement.

What is the Add Autoblend licence option?
This allows you to use the camera configuration file from Autoblend.

What is Autoblend?
This allows for automatic calibration of your warp and blend arrangement of your screen image via a simple camera like a webcam. The file is then imported into Pixelwarp .