Pixelwarp Edgeblend and Geometric Correction Software


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Pixelwarp is a software tool for geometric correction (warping) and edge blending of full screen real-time

applications. The software is simply manipulated through control points, aligning the projected
display to the screen surface.
Whilst designed for curved screen displays and applications, Pixelwarp also aids the projector
alignment process of non-planar and off-axis displays.


New Version

New Features and add-on software

Added forth projector output on one Server/PC.
Added ability to connect more severs for larger pixel count with internal movie sync.
Software add-ons work to control multiple servers.
Added external midi device scheduling and sequencing.
Added manual switching of external devise connected by Pixelswich USB box.
Also added panic button to switch of all devices connected by Pixelswich USB box.
Added network video input 
Improved Pixelnet to have same feature set as internal Pixelwarp HD media player also automatic network connection.
Software can act as master or slave when interconnected.
Pixelswitch USB boxes add external control to Pixelwarp with 10 digital outs 5v.
Pixelpower power cable allows Pixelswitch to control 110v and 220v or dc power products with safe opto-isolation relays max power 10amps at 110v ac.

Network video 
Now you can send video or stills via PixelNet over cat5 complete with playlists and automatic ip routing to the main Pixelwarp software.
Also allows capture from remote pc screens.

Screen Capture
This new feature allows you to grab realtime screen content from the same server to oputput to curved edge blended screens.
Allows flight simulator content and games to be used with Pixelwarp.

Camera or External Hdmi Input
Allows you to connect external devices via Hdmi or component with HD capture cards a great feature to play console games like Xbox / Play station / Wii though Pixelwarps software for 180 to 360 immersing Game play on curved screens.

Allows you to add multiple time events on movie frame basis thus all internal and external events happen when movie hits the frame indicated in the sequence list.
Works even if movie paused manually and advanced etc.
lists can be edited and saved easily.
lists can be recalled ether manually or automatically via movie loading into Pixelwarp player also default loading on power up.
can run on same server or external networked server/pc.
automatic networking, no ip's to find (works with hubs)
Allows multiple internal and external events to happen at any calendar time point down to 0.5 seconds.
Lists can be edited and saved easily.
Lists can be recalled default loading on power up.
Can run on same server or external networked server/pc.
Automatic networking, no ip's to find (works with hubs).
Works with Sequence.
Quick Presets
Store up to 9 named output configurations for image warp points or output sizing and location.

Supports Multiple Video Formats
Multi-Format video player with SDI and HD support to 1080p and above delivers enhanced efficiency and reliability with audio control .

Playback Full-Resolution Video in Real-time

The playback of video content or still images from Pixelwarps HD media player is instantaneous and perfect for any situation requiring on demand playback of video and pictures or live content from cameras / DVD players /

Learn Feature
Learn any Midi control number/note number/qwerty key to Pixelwix control as simply as pressing a button (fully stored in presets)

Folder Playback
Plays a complete folders contents mixed format of stills and movies.
Movies playback in sequence , pictures have a timed display up to 60 seconds.
Folder content can be selected with a pull down menu or mouse click advanced for power point like changes.  
Create playlists for easy recall in presets

Mp3 Folder Playback
Need some music before event starts use the folder player to play back mp3 files.

Asio Support
Now you can use high quality sound devices for audio input and output , up-to 8 channels.

Video Formats: 
Support for MPEG-2.
. Mpg 
. Mpeg 

Standard Formats: 
Animated GIF 
Cubic VR 
MPEQuicktime 7G-1 
MP3 (MPEG-1, Layer 3) 
M4A, M4B, M4P (iTunes 4 audio), M4V (iTunes video) 
QuickTime Image File 
QuickTime Movie 
Virtual Reality (VR)  

Audio Support
Full media playback with audio, can be individually muted and returned to its previous position or continuously variable.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a commercial and non-commercial licence?
A non-commercial or home licence is for individual use only. It can only be purchased if you are not receiving monetary gain from the use of the software.
A Commercial licence is for customers who are receiving income from the use of the software

How do I get a Demo of this software?
Just send us an email to sales@pixelwix.com and we will send you a link.

I have chosen “lock to my hardware” for my delivery method – what happens next?
Once our sales team have reviewed your order, you will be emailed a download link to download your software. You will then need to provide us with your hardware id from the pixelwarp software panel.
The hardware id is located in the licence tab. Please email this to us at sales@pixelwix.com along with  your order number. We will then send you a release code to lock your software to your pc. Please note: it cannot be moved to another pc.

What happens if my PC fails and I need to change a component?
When you change a part, the software will generate another hardware id. This tells us which part is changed and that it is still essentially the same computer. We will then issue another code for that PC. If all the parts are changed, we cannot issue another code. If you think you are likely to have these kinds of problems, or want to use on more than one computer, purchase the USB Key version.

My USB key has failed, what can I do?
In the unlikely event that your key has failed, you can return it for a full replacement.

What is the Add Autoblend licence option?
This allows you to use the camera configuration file from Autoblend.

What is Autoblend?
This allows for automatic calibration of your warp and blend arrangement of your screen image via a simple camera like a webcam. The file is then imported into Pixelwarp .