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Pixelwix Displays are a big hit at I/ITSEC

2021-07-12 16:08

Pixelwix Staff

Curved screen displays, 180 Degree Screens, Warp and Blend Servers, Warp and Blend Software,

Pixelwix Displays are a big hit at I/ITSEC

Pixelwix Displays are a big hit at I/ITSEC.


Featuring Pixelwarps new Multiview plug-in that gives X-plane multiple corrected simulation views on one PC and Pixelwix Microblend 
3 screen warp and blend box solution.
The biggest surprise to attendee's was the Quality and cost effective nature of our screens and warp and blend solutions over other methods.

A big thanks goes out to Optoma for the projectors and personnel support for this event and to the companies that chose us to be their simulation geometric correction software and display solution providers.


Also at I/ITSEC was the Pixelwix MicroBlend a small industrial warp and blend processor that can handle 3 projectors on a
Pixelwix custom ultra wide front projection display.
MicroBlend allows 3 projectors to be seamlessly merged as one large continuous windows desktop projection display.