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NewCondition $ 9999.00

An essential for immersive game play / simulation user.

This 7 feet in diameter and 7 feet tall SimPod delivers a 4 foot view height with 180 degrees of view.


*Can be supplied with or without full motion cockpit.
*Rugged Alloy construction made in the USA
*Multiple mounting points for speakers etc. 
*Shipped disassembled and can fit through standards doorways.
*Plastic external panels can be graphic wrapped with corporate logos etc.
*Multiple projector active 3D support
*Two HD projectors 3840 x 1080 Native 120Hz 3D
*Pixelwarp software for warp and blend.
*Breathable fabric top for heat ventilation and to prevent ambient light intrusion.
*Fabric doors.
*High end Sim server available.
*Adjustable screen view height.
*Black or bronzed see through back panel.
This is a special order product. Email info@pixelwix.com for more details.



7ft-simpod 7ft-simpod 7ft-simpod 7ft-simpod
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