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Turnkey Solution
We can provide the complete package from design all the way through to installation. Our 360° installations come with the screen, top of the line server, projectors and software.
The Server is made here in the US using military grade components and the very latest technology to handle any media and are designed to be capable of being left on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our 360 Degree Screens
We custom design and build each 360° screen to the exact specification of the client. We take into account, usage requirements, ambient lighting, space and overall desired effect. Our screens can be hung from the ceiling or even free standing.

Design and Installation
Once you have the concept, our design team can come up with the best 360° display solution to meet and exceed your needs. Once plans are approved, we will build everything in-house right here in the USA and ship everything to you. Our Installation team will come to you to either install everything or oversee installation, leaving you with a stunning and unique immersive display.

Our Materials
Our screen frames are made of high strength, extruded Aluminum and have a choice of either black or silver. The screen material is made of an elastic polymer with an invisible heat welded seam. It is made to the exact dimensions of the screen frame accounting for stretch so it will be a perfect fit.

•Complete service available from concept through to design and then to finished installation.
•Choice of Black or Silver anodized aluminium construction
•Height and diameter to your specification.
•Can be ceiling mounted or free standing
•Image is viewable from both sides of the screen.
•Front or rear projection
•High quality screen material heat bonded for a near invisible seam
•Can be supplied with military grade server and Pixelwix software
•All our screens are assembled and tested prior to leaving our facility .
•Each part is labeled and carefully packed. Screen can be assembled by the customer (full instruction manual provided), or we can assemble it for you.

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