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NewCondition $ 56999.00

This 16 feet in diameter and 8 feet tall SimPod delivers a 5 foot view height with 270 degrees of view.


Can be supplied with or without full motion cockpit.
Rugged anodized ally construction made in the USA
Multiple mounting points for speakers etc.
Shipped disassembled and can fit through standards doorways.
Multiple projector active 3D support
Five HD projectors 9600 x 1080 Native total resolution compatible with 120Hz 3D
Pixelwarp software for warp and blend.
Breathable fabric top for heat ventilation and to prevent ambient light intrusion.
High end Sim server available.
PixelFlex smooth, semi-rigid Screen material.
Adjustable projection mountings.
Height adjustable screen.
ABS outer hard shell.

This Simpod features a pixelflex screen. Details below:
PixelFlex simulation projection screen material features a uniform velvet-finish engineered to provide consistent aesthetics while increasing design and production efficiencies. It is a true pure white non-reflective material which will enhance and sharpen your projected image better than elastic polymer materials.Embedded nano particles enhance and brighten colors providing awesome results, finer and smoother than the best screen material available today. It will also keep it's shape and not cause an unwanted convex shape which often occurs when stretching elastic polymer screens on a curved frame.

Screen material specs.
• Consistent velvet-matte finish
• Gain factor 1.1
• View Angle 80°
• Compatible with 1080P to 8K and beyond
• Easy to clean and waterproof
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Low gloss finish reduces glare
• Thickness .030"
• Available in sheets or rolls
• Good abrasion resistance
• Impact resistant
• UV Stabilized, Fire Retardant